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The Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI) was created in 2005 in Elx/Elche (Spain). Leaded by the psychiatrist Javier Sempere, its aim its to study and spread more humanistic, social and dialogical therapy practices. Interfamily Therapy, as a constructionist model of mutiple family group therapy, has become one of the main methods of therapy in CTI. 

In the last years we have created the Mental Health Association (ASM) in order to open these models of psychotherapy to all colectives of the general public. As a result, we offer free activities as weekly multifamily group therapy sessions in our headquarters in Elx/Elche.

Javier Sempere (Elx, Spain). Psychiatrist. Group and Family Therapist. Founder and director of CTI. President of ASM. Multifamily Group Therapy supervisor. 

Ángela Sempere. Neuropediatrician. Co-founder of CTI and ASM.

Claudio Fuenzalida (Curicó, Chile). Psychologist. Multifamily Therapist. Clinical coordinator of CTI's day hospital. Multfamily Group Therapy supervisor. 

Mario Marrone. Psychiatrist. Psychoanalyst, Group Therapist and expert in Psychodrama.

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