During the last ten years we have coordinated and supervised many multifamily groups in social, educational and health institutions all over the world. After our first steps in Elx/Elche, we have shared our knowledge in the Interfamily Therapy model with many other professionals in other regions of Spain and some countries of Europe and America. In the future, we intend to promote it in Asia.

Multifamily Therapy and our Interfamily model has become a popular therapy methodology specialty in Spain, and as a result there are  many meetings and congresses dedicated to this practice every year. 

In the case of CTI, we supervise four weekly groups in Spain located in Elx/Elche, Madrid and Barcelona. They are free and open to everyone. You can join us and participate actively in any of them.


They are all free of charge and supervised by the CTI team

BARCELONA. Interfamily Therapy group in the headquarters of Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament (ABD), located in Carrer Independència nº 384, Barcelona.

Get more information through grupomultifamiliar@abd-ong.org

MADRID. Interfamily Therapy group in the headquarters of Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD), located in Calle Rafael Calvo, nº 8, Madrid.

Get more information through grupomultifamiliar@abd-ong.org

ELX/ELCHE. Interfamily Therapy group in the headquarters of Associació Salut Mental (ASM), located in Calle Juan Hernández Rizo nº 53, Elx/Elche.

Get more information through:



VALENCIA. Interfamily Therapy group in the headquarters of CREAP, located in Calle Terrateig, 5. Valencia.

Get more information through:   Phone: (+34) 963 40 35 20